Birth Mother Mentorship Program

At Abiding Love Charities, we believe there are no better teachers than those with lived experiences. The mission of the Birth Mother Mentorship Program is to educate, support, empower and enrich the lives of Birth Mothers through one-on-one peer support.

It does not matter if a Birth Mother has placed her child/ren for adoption yesterday or 60 years ago, Birth Mothers deserve ongoing and intentional support. For some, the support group setting just isn’t enough or maybe even intimidating. Birth Mother Mentorship is for those who need more focused time with someone who is able to help.

Each Volunteer Birth Mother Mentor* goes through an interview process with our Program Manager before receiving thorough training on how to be an effective Birth Mother Mentor.

Once our volunteers have completed their training, they will be matched with a Birth Mother Mentee based on their lived experience and unique knowledge.

Birth Mother Mentor Qualifications:

  • At least five years post placement
  • Attended at least one Birth Mother support group (It does not have to be a support group affiliated with Abiding Love Charities)
  • Is actively engaged in the adoption community
  • Continually works on her own healing journey
  • Is able to hold space for all the complex emotions that can be associated with adoption

Is the Birth Mother Mentorship Program right for you?

  *Our volunteer Birth Mother Mentors are not licensed therapists/counselors and therefore are not qualified to diagnose/treat any mental health issues.