The age-old question of ‘nature versus nurture’ has been a hot topic in the field of psychology for quite some time. This briefly delves into the fascinating interplay between our genetic makeup and the environment we grow up in, ultimately shaping our unique identities. As a proud mom who made the extremely difficult decision to place my daughter for adoption, I’ve had to navigate this complex topic on a very personal level.



When I made the decision to place my daughter for adoption, I honestly didn’t fully comprehend the significance of both nature and nurture in her growth and development. As her Birth Mother, I knew that my genes would have a major impact on shaping her physical and intellectual traits; however, I didn’t understand how impactful it would be. I was fully aware, though, that her Adoptive Parents would play a significant role in shaping her emotional and social growth; I am eternally grateful for that. Looking back, I never knew just how meaningful it would be to me so many years later. 


Seeing Evidence Of Nature Versus Nurture In Reunion


Before meeting her two years ago, which was 34 years after I placed her for adoption, I couldn’t help but wonder if my passion for music would rub off on her or if she would take after her adoptive family’s love for education. Would she love playing with makeup as much as I did as a child, or would she be more of a tomboy? I questioned how much of her distinct personality would come from her genetics as opposed to her upbringing. I believe that as Birth Moms, we always wonder about these things, especially if the adoption is semi-open or closed. I hoped she would have some resemblance to me and was pleasantly surprised the day we met, and truth be told, my husband and two boys were astonished to observe many similarities between us in terms of appearance, mannerisms, and personality. All three of them told me that not only did we look alike, as we both have the same nose, but the intonation in our voices and our hand gestures were similar. We even wore basically the same outfit: holey jeans and a black top. I often look at the picture we had a complete stranger take of us and am filled with joy.


Nature Versus Nurture Work In Tandem Not Separately


In my opinion, the combination of nature and nurture plays a crucial role in molding our unique identities. Our genes lay the groundwork for our physical and intellectual traits, but our surroundings and upbringing mold most of our emotional and social growth. It’s evident, though, that some things are so ingrained in us through genetics that even after being adopted, our genetic makeup will always contribute to our development in numerous ways. This may be hard for some to accept, yet it may bring a sense of peace for others. For me, it brought more peace and gratitude than I can begin to express. It’s such a joy to see that my daughter’s journey is a beautifully mixed tapestry, woven together with experiences that have helped shape her into the stunning, strong, and confident woman she is right now.