How To Mend Cultural Divides In Transracial Adoption


Heritage months are a celebration of culture and ethnicity. When embraced and respected, Heritage months can mend cultural divides. Mending cultural divides means getting uncomfortable and listening to people of a different race speak about their experiences. Mending cultural divides means getting into the trenches of the broken, battered, and disenfranchised members of our society. America has a long-standing history of overt, discreet, and implicit racism. It is too easy and too common to ignore the atrocities that people of color have experienced in the United States. Choosing the mantra of “not seeing color” is choosing not to love your neighbors. Racial Colorblindness is intentionally ignoring and dismissing individuals due to the discomfort of the matter. If you are a prospective adoptive parent or currently are a parent of a transracial adoptee, I encourage you to see color bodily and earnestly.


How to See Color Bodily and Earnestly


  • Attend heritage festivals and events
  • Invest and invite cultural art and music into your home
  • Engage in conversation with individuals of a different race
  • Ensure that your child’s books and toys reflect their heritage
  • Embrace Open adoption and keep the lines of communication open
  • Encourage your child to attend Historically Black Colleges or Universities.
  • Follow social media handles that address the inequalities of race and ethnicity in America.

Seeing color is beautiful and necessary. When you see that I am an African American and Haitian American woman, then you can see me. Seeing me means that you see my struggle, my strength, my stories, my scars, and all the beautifully broken pieces that make me whole.


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